Apollo served by the nymphs

Apollo served by the Nymphs, designed by the sculptors François Girardon (1628-1715) and Thomas Regnaudin (1622-1706), portrays the sun god's stay among the nymphs of the sea goddess Thetis and reveals the finesse and quality of the artists' work.

Belvedere of Petit Trianon, 1781

At a time when celebrations were less common at Versailles, the focus shifted to the Trianon. Louis XVI had given Marie Antoinette the Trianon on his accession, and she soon undertook major work that completely altered the site.

Bust of Louis XIV

Sculpted by Jean Varin from the autumn of 1665, this bust of the Sun King was installed in 1676 as the centrepiece of the decoration of the Ambassadors' Staircase.

The Family of the Duke of Penthièvre in 1768, also known as The Cup of Chocolate

The Cup of Chocolate is a portrait of the family of the Duke of Penthièvre. Painter to the Duke of Penthièvre from about 1762, Jean-Baptiste Charpentier here combines the group portrait with the genre scene, in a style similar to the English "conversation pieces".

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exibhition opening on 27th of september

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